Responsive i.t. Support in St. Joseph, reducing stress and enabling your business to make more money.

Products & Services

Efficient, Effective, Economical solutions for commercial business.
IT Support

First and foremost, the region’s most expert computer & network technicians, at your beckon call.

TS Care

Comprehensive IT support with 24/7/365 monitoring for a fixed monthly price.

Solution Design

Providing hardware & software solutions for your business.

Structured Cabling

Networking your office has never been easier with TS Conard.

TS Secure

Enterprise level, mobile-friendly video security to see all the angles.

TS Voice

Digital VoIP phones offer cutting-edge voice customization and quality.

TS Safe

Backup and Disaster Recovery solution with the Best-in-Class service and support.

TS Mail

Allowing communication across all devices & mediums, allowing for coordination like never before.

TS Conard, Inc. Technology Solutions

Northwest Missouri's Premier IT Solutions Provider
Efficient, Effective, Economical. That's our Mantra.

TS Conard, Inc. Technology Solutions is dedicated to the idea that the right technology will help drive the success and prosperity of your business. It is our belief that any business decision regarding technology solutions should help you become more efficient, effective, and economical. That is our e³ philosophy. We have established relationships with some of the industry’s leading vendors and distributors that allow us to provide Best-in-Class products and solutions. However, the tech itself is not our primary consideration. We are more concerned with how the IT will enable your business to be more profitable. It is truly in our best interest to ensure we are providing economically sound IT solutions with every business relationship.

  • Years in business serving Northwest Missouri
  • Total years of IT experience in the industry
  • Full time employees, ready to jump when you say so
  • Gallons of coffee gulped down per week


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