TS University is a robust security platform that protects our clients’ business’ by providing customized security awareness training, simulated phishing campaigns, detailed security policies, and thorough security risk assessments, all through a single client-branded portal.

Ransomware is an epidemic for small to midsize businesses and email phishing scams continue to be the attack vector of choice for cybercriminals. However, technology alone cannot provide adequate security defense, as employees must be trained to avoid common security threats.

Recent security reports reveal that 95% of data breaches are caused by employee error. Without proper training to spot and avoid falling victim to phishing attempts, employees will continue to be the weakest link in an organization’s security defense.

TS University helps to transform a business’ weakest link into their strongest defense.

TS University & Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA)

Make education continuous with our TS University Invaluable client-branded services like weekly micro-trainings, informative security newsletters, simulated phishing campaigns, continuous DWBAs, and security risk assessment, all for one low monthly cost. Our revolutionary Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA), combines security metrics into an Employee Secure Score (ESS), so our clients can see which employees are their weakest links! By quickly determining an employee’s ESS, we can confidently recommend security remediation services to help our clients strengthen their security posture.

  • Increase employee engagement by monitoring individual ESS’.
  • Employees stay engaged with friendly competition via a leaderboard.
  • Test employee retention and run simulated phishing

Hackers are constantly improving their tactics to get unsuspecting employee to open the door to sensitive data.

Let’s work together to slam the door on cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility

Criminals are smart; they know how to get through the cracks. If your employees know what to look for, they’ll be less likely to fall for a scam that could put your business at risk.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Strengthen your first line of defense! By engaging in our security awareness training focused on phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise scams, you are implementing a proactive approach to preventing a data breach.

Why use TS University?

  • Rich training modules that encourage employee engagement and security adherence.
  • Consistent platform enhancements based on client feedback and market trends.
  • Real-world security training
  • Flexible phishing campaigns & extensive template library.

You don’t need a background in IT to use the portal.

We all have employees that have made mistakes at one time or another. No matter what the cause, employees are human, they make mistakes, and they are being TARGETED.

The TS University portal takes all the guess work out of creating a cyber-security education program. The employee portal provides an easy-to-use dashboard. Gamified training increases employee retention.

Weekly, 3 minute or less, security bites update users on the latest threats.

The Catch-Phish Outlook tool educates employees on any identified malicious links, attachments, and language in their inbox.

MINIMAL management is required!