Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) are Victims of Data Breaches

95% of Breaches are Caused by Human Error*

60% of SMBs Go Out of Businesses Within 6 Months of a Data Breach**

Employee Security Training is the Best Way to Prevent a Data Breach


The Growing Threat of Ransomware that is Targeting SMBs

Find Out More About the Ransomware Threat to Your Company

Training Overview

♦ Extensive Use of Multimedia (Videos, Animation, Graphics, Quizzes)

♦ Interesting and Engaging Online Training Material

♦ Training Delivered Via Online Training Portal

♦ Training Takes Around 1 Hour

♦ Employees Can Start, Stop and Resume Training

♦ Employees Feedback Has Been Outstanding!

Security Training Topics

♦ What is Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

♦ Protecting Credit Cards and Customer Information

♦ Spotting Phishing Scams

♦ Avoiding Phone Scams

♦ Using Strong Passwords

♦ Public Wi-Fi Dangers

♦ Protecting Mobile Devices

♦ Clean Desk Policy

♦ Many More Security Topics

Training Certificates and Reports

After employees finish the security training, they will take a 20 question security quiz. They need an 80% or better to pass the quiz. Upon passing the security quiz, they will be able to print out a certificate of course completion. There is a report that you can access that shows the progress and results of each employee.


Online Training Overview

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