There are a lot of companies offering offsite data backup services, what makes us so special?

We honestly believe we have the best, most comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution on the market today, that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Watch the video to learn more!

There are 6 BIG reasons to trust us with your data's security:

1. We TEST every backup.

What do we mean by "test"? Great question. We verify successful backups by VIRTUALIZING AND BOOTING UP your last incremental of the day, take a screenshot of the login screen and email that screenshot to your inbox, every single day. That's our "Trust But Verify" policy. We trust that the backups are occurring, we trust the reporting tools, but we verify the backups regardless. Rest easy, we've got this.

2. We allow you to virtualize and boot up ANY incremental backup, from any day, for any reason.

Our hybrid virtualization technology allows you to virtualize and boot up any incremental snapshot of any protected system(s). Using a virtual clone (locally or in the cloud) in a "server down" or "data loss" circumstance allows for an unprecedented level of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery capability to the small and medium-sized business market.

3. We unconditionally guarantee the security and availability of your data, or YOUR MONEY BACK.

That's worth repeating. If you entrust us with your data, we will guarantee it will be available to you 24/7 or we’ll give you your money back! Not many remote backup services offer anything like this, but those few that do only refund the last 3 months of service fees. We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and give you up to a full year’s credit back if we fail to make your data available.

4. Our state-of-the-art data centers are...

In eleven locations globally, SSAE 16 certified and your data is stored using AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption, in transit and at rest. This ensures your data is safe and meets industry regulations (ie. HIPAA, SOX). What all that means is your data is locked down tight, protected from even the worst natural disasters, fire, flood, and theft.

5. We offer free help desk support for recovering data.

Some companies charge you extra for this service, or don’t offer it at all. We will help you recover data from your incremental backups at no additional cost.

6. We are a Missouri-based company with a real, live office.

That might not seem too unique to you, but what you don’t realize is that some offsite data companies are made up of a couple of guys working from their back bedrooms with no way of actually reaching them other than by e-mail or phone. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a company that can meet with you face to face?

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What Clients have to say about TS Safe…

(hover over to pause)Jon-portrait

Like all the services provided by TS Conard, TS Safe is a great service. It is by far the best backup service I have seen available.


Jon Barron
I&M Machine & Fabrication

What Clients have to say about TS Conard…

(hover over to pause)Charles-Portrait

“TS Conard, Inc is an integral part of our firm. Their technology solutions have been a great fit for our firm.”

Charles Schwichtenberg
Sumner, Carter, Hardy & Schwichtenberg CPAs

What Clients have to say about TS Conard…

(hover over to pause)Chad Cropped2

“With the constant changes in software, technology and HIPAA compliance we have grown to count on the team at TS Conard, Inc. to help us with our computers and integration within the practice.  They are always professional and quick to respond, to any need, and while we thankfully have not had to use their Disaster Recovery they have proven that should our server ever crash – the office could be back up and running in less than 30 minutes. They have been proactive in defining our needs with making sure that we did not run our system to the absolute end of its life cycle.  This gives us peace of mind in knowing that our system won’t be our rate limiting step in treating our patients and allows our team to spend time on Patient Care rather then trouble shooting computers.”

Chad Clark
Clark Family Dentistry

What Clients have to say about TS Conard…

(hover over to pause)Deanna-portrait

We have utilized TS Conard for just over a year now. They are the experts of IT. We have always received exceptional customer service and incredibly knowledgeable technicians. They have always explained things in a way we can understand them, not simply “geek” terms. Lastly, their best attribute is that they are all around nice people who want to help.

Deanna Sellars
Hills Family Dental

What Clients have to say about TS Conard…

(hover over to pause)RyannSickel-portrait

TS Conard has been nothing less than completely professional in every detail of their work.  With their personal attentiveness, very quick response times, and appreciative attitude, I can honestly say I have nothing more I could ask for from an IT company.

Ryan Sickel
Rebar, Inc.

What Clients have to say about TS Conard…

(hover over to pause)Brett-portrait

“As our industry continues to mature and become more dependent on mobile estimating and technologies, TS Conard consistently provides my company with on-demand solutions and service. Our decision to implement TS Care has ensured that my operation will maintain uninterrupted productivity and security, no matter the challenge. Best of all, having “MY OWN IT DEPARTMENT” affords me the time to focus on profitability and excellent customer service.  Thanks to Tim and his staff, we are producing more, costing less!”

Brett Halsey
Servpro of St. Joseph

What Clients have to say about TS Safe…

(hover over to pause)RaymondHall-portrait

You have no idea how much stress the TS Safe system has taken off my shoulders, as the one being in charge of the IT. Knowing that no matter what happens, our information is safe and able to be restored is priceless. In today’s growing need for more and more information being used and stored with technology, there is no way I would be responsible for a company’s IT information, without TS Safe being used.

You guys have been an awesome company to work with. Always helpful and going out of the way to make sure what we need can be taken care of. Looking forward to a continued and advantages working relationship.

Deputy Raymond Hall
Doniphan County Sheriff